Sunsetting Life Through a Dram (and Introducing Podcaster Stories)

In this episode, I share why I'm sunsetting the Life Through a Dram podcast, and introduce the show that's taking over from it, Podcaster Stories.

I want to thank you for being here for this show's life, and hope to see you over at the new one. Slainte var.

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Life Through a Dram
Life Through a Dram sees Danny Brown's take on life, being a better person, and appreciating the here and now, all accompanied by a dram of fine single malt whisky.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a podcaster, creator, and an official geek. Sometimes in that order. He's the host of the shows Podcaster Stories, and Best Canadian Podcasts, as well as co-host of Mental Health & Us with his wife Jaclyn. When not podcasting, you can find him relaxing in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, hanging out with his family, and enjoying a good craft beer.